Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ready for a new year

So I was going to write a Christmas letter this year, but nothing good really happened this year. Most the time people talk about there accomplishments, trips, or what a great life they are having. I don't feel this year was anything to be proud of. Besides our family vacation this past Summer, I have nothing really great to brag about. I know that sounds ungrateful, but its honestly how I feel. Yes I am thankful for my family, and the obvious necessities. I just don't feel like writing up a chummy letter about my life and remembering that this year was probably one of the worst years to date. Started out with me getting diagnosed with this condition I have, then my dog died. My grandpa had major heart surgery, and was in the ICU for months. My mom had kidney surgery. Our house was on the market and never sold. We lost numerous homes we offered on. I know thru it all God has been with us, and that is the part I am most thankful about. I don't meant to have a humbug attitude. I LOVE Christmas, and am looking forward to it. I am just ready to start 2012. To start a fresh chapter in my life. I am ready for all the hurt, pain, panic,frustrations to just go away. I feel like I have been knocked on my butt to many times, and am ready to start walking into some good things. I am going to believe that for 2012 too. I have to believe that thru all these struggles there is some kind of rainbow on the other side.