Saturday, June 18, 2011

Oregon Trip 2011

So we finally took a family vacation! It was SO nice to relax, and just get away from it all! We went to Hood River, Oregon the first night. We went to Multnoma Falls first, and hiked up to the bridge. There were so many people!

There wasn't a whole lot to do in Hood River, but the views are beautiful! We took a family walk to the local park. It was very windy! I am glad I remembered to pack a coat for everyone! We also met a really nice older lady on our walk. She had a little toy Pomeranian dog. He was the cutest dog I have seen in a long time! We got to talking to her for probably 20 minutes about dogs! She was just so friendly! We headed back to our hotel, and had dinner at the hotel.

Second day we headed to McMinnville, Oregon. We decided to head thru Portland, and I met up with a friend in Newberg, Or. I hadn't seen her since highschool so it was fun! We went to a local park, and the kids played while I talked with my friend. We had originally planned to go to the Evergreen Aviation, and Space Museum that day, but we were tired from our trip. Cameron was itching to go swimming since our hotel in Hood River was doing work on there pool so it was closed for a week. We decided to just go swimming, and have a relaxing evening.Cameron loved the pool as did Haley! They are both little fishes! After our long swim we ended up walking to the local Albertsons which was like a few blocks away. The stroller we packed did come in handy after all! Thursday morning after breakfast we headed over to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum! It was such a blast! There was a ton of hands on things for kids to do, as well as a tour of the Spruce Goose airplane! It was HUGE! We also got to touch a piece of the moon,and a few meteorites. We also got to see a ton of airplanes, helicopters, and rockets.We were there for over 4 hrs! Then we let the kids play on there huge playground they have. They also have an indoor waterpark that just opened, but that was a separate fee, and we were already tired! We then grabbed some lunch, and headed to Tillamook, Oregon. We toured the Tillamook Cheese Factory! It was so fun! I had been there before, but it had been a long time! We got to see the factory workers making the cheese, and packaging it. We also learned how cheese, and ice cream is made! Then we headed downstairs to sample some cheese, and buy a few things in the gift shop. We ended up buying some squeaky cheese. It really does squeak when you eat it! They only sell it at the factory too. We couldn't leave before we had a chance to get a sweet treat! Haley got Udderly Chocolate ice cream, Cameron got Orange,and Jeremy got Marionberry Pie! I ended up getting peach, and vanilla frozen yogurt! It was yummy! After our tour of the factory, we headed up to Cannon Beach, Oregon. We walked on the beach, and saw some sealife! It was so fun to see the kids exploring for sea creatures! We forgot our kite, but I am not sure it was windy enough to fly it. After our beach fun we ended up in Seaside, Oregon where we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express! It was SO nice! We ate a nice place called Doogers! I do suggest it! I was able to eat some Ahi Tuna! It was yummy! The kids were exausted as were we so it didn't take long for them to konk out. In the morning we headed home. It was a wonderful trip! we had lots of fun, and made some memories! When we got home Cameron asked when we were gonna go on another vacation!:)