Friday, July 15, 2011

Names and Numbers

So I have a weird thing about numbers. For example Cameron has 7 letters in his first name, and that just happens to be my favorite number.I totally didn't plan that either! He has 20 letters in his whole name(Cameron James McGinnis), and he was born Oct 20th! Another cool thing are the numbers that associate with Haley. When I was pregnant with her I was 28, found out I was pregnant on Dec 28, and she was born on 8-28-08! She also has 18 letters in her full name! I must sound like a crazy person, but I just LOVE numbers! Now here is how our family numbers go...

Cameron-7 letters
Jeremy-6 letters
Haley-5 letters
Erin-4 letters

if you add the dogs!
Tux-3 letters
Cy-2 letters