Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our new addition

Since our dog Koko was put to sleep June 3rd, we have felt so empty. It was so weird to have just one dog, and he was so lonely. We decided it was time to add another friend to our life. We started our search online looking at local shelters. We visited Kent, and Bellevue numerous times. We wanted a dog that was young enough, and could keep up with our already active pup Tux. Jeremy wanted a puppy, but with us trying to sell our house, I really didn't want to deal with potty training a puppy. The last weekend of June we decided to head over to Wenatchee, and go to the Humane Society over there. We saw a few dogs online we wanted to check out. So we got up and made the 3 hr drive over. It was nice to get out of the house, and to spend time with the family. We also made sure we took our dog Tux so he could meet this new family member and approve. We don't want a dog he wasn't going to play with. After spending a few hours at the shelter, and taking a few dogs out for a walk we decided on a dog named Fozzy Bear. The only thing wrong was that someone else wanted him too, and had first dibs on him. We filled out the paperwork, and put him on second hold in case the other people did not want him. He was a german shepherd mix. He was so adorable, and loved Tux. The next day we decided to just keep looking just in case. We headed to a Pet Expo in Bellevue at the Petsmart. There were supposed to be over 100 dogs for adoption from all around Wa. When we got there it was so crowded. We had to stand in a big line to get in too. We saw a lot of dogs too! Before all this started I had made the comment I wanted another lab, and preferably a yellow lab this time since we already had a black lab. We saw one yellow lab named Shelby. She was so cute, and about 3 yrs old. We took her for a walk around the parking lot, but she didn't really want anything to do with Tux, and we didn't feel a real connection with her. We then took a few more dogs for a walk, but none of them were the ONE. We felt discouraged, but kept looking. We saw that Wenatchee Humane Society had brought some dogs down to the Expo. Some of those dogs we had seen just the day before! We asked the lady if she could check on the status of Fozzy Bear since we had not heard if he had been adopted. She called, and said he had been. My heart sank. I really did like that dog, and had an instant connection with him. I really didn't even want to keep looking. I just wanted Fozzy Bear. Jeremy convinced met o keep looking so we did. We came across another yellow lab named Cy. He looked cute so we decided to take him out and get to know him. The lady rescued these dogs, and kept them at her house. She was so sweet. She really cared about these pups. I told her about our family, and what we needed, and she said Cy sounded like a good choice. So it has been 1 1/2 weeks now, and Cy is fitting in just nicely! Tux is finally playing with him, and he has become a great addition to our house! We are still working on the play biting(which he does mostly to me). He is about 1 yr old so basically a big puppy! He is potty trained though, and has had no accidents so far! He is just a sweet dog, and i am so glad we decided to keep looking.