Saturday, June 11, 2011

Reflecting on the last 6 yrs!

First Day of Kindergarten!

Class Pic!

Camerons Kindergarten graduation is Monday, June 13th 2011! I can't believe we are here! My once small boy is growing up. He has come so far this last year it is amazing. He has learned to write, read, some adding/subtracting, money value, about geography, letter combinations and sounds, the 3 R's(respect, responsibility, and relationship). He even got the responsibility award! He has learned so much about Jesus, and has memorized many verses each month! We have had field trips, parties, and several concerts where he performed! My heart melts at the boy he has become! He amazes me everyday at what he knows! My miracle boy I prayed, and waited for. Now a new chapter of our lives opens, and we enter full day school. It is scarey for mommy to let go. To realize I won't be seeing him as much as before. It will be weird not to have him here during the day. I am sure the first few weeks I will be counting down the time til he gets home. I am praying for a special friend to come into his life. He met a few very good friends this last year that I plan on staying in touch with. One being Tage. I have never seen Cameron loves someone so much! They were always together at school. When they weren't at school they were asking about each other. We will miss seeing him everyday. Another good friend is Kirsten. They have so much fun together, and they are so much alike despite being opposite sexes. She isn't afraid to get out in the mud, and get dirty! We had her over the other day, and they both went bug hunting. They came in just covered in dirt! I love that he has a variety of friends! He has always been the shy boy. I remember the beginning of the year his teacher asked me if he talked cause he never said a word for a few weeks of school. Now he is such a social butterfly talking all the time! I love how much he has come out of his shell!

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