Thursday, July 14, 2011

My GP Poem

So yesterday I got an invitation to an event on Facebook to share a special original poem or write a story about my disease Gastroparesis(GP). The message board I am a part of is going to publish a book from those that submit something. I used to write poetry all the time, and remember how freeing it was to write them! I started writing a poem yesterday about my struggle with GP. I haven't written in sometime so I felt rusty at first. As soon as I started writing it all the words just came flowing out. I am thinking about starting a page of poems or possibly writing a poem a week here on my blog! Here is my poem I wrote for the book! I hope you enjoy it!

A Life Changed

I am sitting here reflecting on days past
When I took food for granted
Oh how things changed fast

I am sitting here remembering my life before
When I could eat anything
When I enjoyed going to the store

Now food haunts me I try not to let it show
Trying to act normal
Hoping they won't know

Why do I hide it? Why would they care?
I feel so embaressed
It feels so unfair

As I embark on this journey unknown
I remember the good times
Those memories I own

Written by Erin McGinnis

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